Sustainability Governance Structure

Sustainability Governance Structure

With sustainable development central to our business agenda, our management structures for sustainable business are integrated into our organisational framework and cascade to all levels.

Sustainability Committee

Reflecting our commitment toward sustainability, the Sustainability Committee was formed since 2018 to shape the policy, strategic direction and framework for further promoting awareness, communicating and embedding sustainability into company culture. Led by the heads of departments of various business functions within the company, the Sustainability Committee meets quarterly to discuss the progress of integrating sustainability into operations, either practices in day-to-day operation or projects and finds opportunity for further improvement or enhancing our effectiveness.

The responsibilities of the Sustainability Committee include:

  1. Strategize and develop policies, targets and key performance indicators that will lead to long-term development
  2. Driving the integration of sustainability strategy into our business plans
  3. Providing consultation and the necessary resources for decision making on material issues
  4. Monitoring, reviewing and evaluating sustainability performance
  5. Generating employee awareness and promoting an organisational culture that embodies sustainability