Dusit Education Division has the ambition and expertise to develop and operate worldwide, with partners who share our philosophy, new hotel schools.

A development plan entails the following stages:

Feasibility & Business plan

  • Identification of the market dynamics for a hotel school;
  • Definition of the concept, positioning and dimension of the school in line with the market demands as well as formal education rules and regulations;
  • Proposals for a curriculum;
  • Definition of the requirements for infrastructure and facilities as well as the main design specifications;
  • Organization and staffing requirements;
  • Financial analysis: investment costs as well as financial performance projections;

Development & Pre-opening

  • Management and operational systems marketing & student recruitment plans, organizational development, staffing guidelines and recruitment planning, standard operations procedures and budgeting;
  • Faculty training and development of courses and courseware;
  • Technical services as to the design of the school building, the interior design and facilities, the construction process and pre-opening site inspections;

Operations & Management

The Dusit School is managed under Dusit’s responsibility, based on a hotel school management contract between the owner(s) and Dusit Education.

The management of the school is supported by Dusit corporate office for academic and non- academic matters. Dusit’s extensive experience in managing hotels as well as hotel schools ensures the quality of this support.